Cells on Camp 08: Mendoza

Like I mentioned before, I participated on another Microsoft Universidades event here in Argentina. This time I visited the City of Mendoza, at the Universidad Tecnologica Nacional.

The event was mainly organized by an old Student Partner collegue Fernando Hualpa together with Ángel Arcoraci and Marcelo Quevedo.

On the Microsoft side, I made the trip with Pablo Listingart and the one and only Alejandro Ponicke.

Some of the topics on this one day event were:

  • XNA: Little story about gaming and with a short example about XNA.
  • Expression Blend: Using Expression suite of Visual Studio.
  • Hyper-V: Using Hyper-V together with Physical to Virtual migrations.
  • Windows 2008 + IIS 7: Linux interoperability.

Ponicke’s machine with 192 cores and 200gb of memory

Even though  I didn’t have much time to walk around Mendoza, it is a lovely city that I recommend to visit. I really hope I get the chance soon enough to spend some time there.



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