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Bob Dylan and What’s Wrong with IT Today – Busy Being Born: Self-Assessment – Part I

As a continuation for my “Bob Dylan and What’s Wrong with IT Today” (Part I available here), I’m going to jump into the “busy being born” aspects, the qualities I believe will help IT on evolving. I’ve covered in the first article the “busy dying” portions that, of course, represent the habits, misconceptions and some of the existing problems IT […]

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Azure Stack is here, What’s Next? – Part II: Understanding Azure Stack IaaS Features

Continuing the articles related about understanding the Azure Stack components and features (previous article: “Consumption Model vs Capacity Model”), in this post the idea is to cover the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) components available. As we already know, Azure Stack is intended to be the Azure instance in your datacenter, but even though they are using the same code, […]

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Azure Stack Is Here! Development Kit (Single-Node) Free Download Available and More

And Azure Stack General Availability (GA) is finally released: Dell EMC, HPE and Lenovo are officially taking orders starting July 10 and the initial Azure Stack shipments will begin in September 2017. But, for those anxious IT experts that cannot wait until September there’s a solution: Microsoft also released the Azure Stack Development Kit (single-node and proof-of-concept mode) for download […]

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