Publishing Team Foundation Server 2005 (Single-Server Mode) with ISA Server 2006

Publishing a TFS within an ISA Server basically depends on creating three rules for web sites: One will use the TFS default port (8080), the second will use SharePoint (on port 17012) and the other one is for the common HTTP port (80). A small comment about this: The same configuration described here, can also work for Team Foundation Server 2008. It’s very important that you already have defined your public name for the TFS Server and even more important that this public name can be resolved by the ISA Server and over the Internet. Let’s start then: 1 – Publish TFS Services 1.1 – Select “Publish Web Site” and use the proper name for that rule. 1.2 – Select “Publish a single Web Site or load balancer”. 1.3 – If you are not going to use SSL the just select “Use non-secured connections…” 1.4 – In this step you must indicate the FQDN that the clients will use to connect with the Team Foundation Server. Remember that this name should be already accessible for the ISA Server. 1.5 – No selection on Path and select “Forward the original host header…” 1.6 – Select “Accept Requests for: This domain name (type below)” and use the public TFS name again. 1.7 – On the next window you will need to create a Web Listener, which will be accepting the incoming requests for TFS Services port. 1.8 – Select again what kind […]

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