App-V Advanced Guide Book Giveaway!


As I did for my first book, celebrating the publication of my second App-V book: Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide, I’m giving away a free paperback copy among my readers.


Here’s a short summary for those who want to participate:

  • Email me at with the subject: “App-V Advanced Book”.
  • Include in the email body your full name plus the address where you would like for us to send the copy.
  • I’ll close up the contest on June 30 (2012, just in case). All the emails sent until that date will be included in the election, which will be completely random.
  • I’ll notify the winner in the following days and we’ll ship a free copy of “Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide”.

To avoid any problems, here are some disclaimers:

  • Only one email by person will be included. Do not use different mail accounts to participate several times.
  • Emails that don’t include person’s full name and address will not be considered valid.
  • We’ll cover the expenses regarding shipment but we are not responsible for extra fees or taxes other countries may include in the package.
  • Please don’t send any email requesting exceptions to this contest (like asking for a digital copy of the book), I’m not allow to do any of those.

Remember that the book is available in the following stores: Packt Publishing;;; Barnes & Noble and Safari Books Online.

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