App-V Workshop in the US: Approach, Experience and More

A few weeks ago I had the big pleasure to visit the US (New Jersey and New York), courtesy of a company which invited me to coach an App-V training course in their facilities. I had a wonderful experience and in this post I would like to share with you the technical and non-technical approach, experience and more I had in those 8 days.

The App-V training course and workshop intended to provide not only all the basic knowledge regarding App-V, but to also give a complete guidance and step-by-step process in App-V installation, deployment, sequence and maintenance.

The Request

The original request appeared in my inbox in 2010, the idea appeared simple right away, they’ve said:

We are looking for an application virtualization solution for our main company app; we are very interested in App-V but we have no experience handling this technology. We need a complete overview of the platform, understand how to use it and apply it in our scenario”.

So, we’ve started talking about their expectations, getting a deeper understanding about the company app, the scenario where it should be deployed, etc.

App-V Training Course Program

After a bunch of e-mails and phone calls about getting all the information about the scenario, application involved, and general expectations, the training course program looks something like this:


Here’s a detailed look about each day approach:

Day 1 – Overview and Preparing the Environment


  • day1Since the attendees had mix knowledge about general IT concepts, I decided to take a quick look about some key components: Active Directory, IIS, SQL Server, virtualization concepts, cloud service models, etc.
  • Understanding App-V components, features, benefits and implementation models.
  • Prepare the entire environment in the “hands-on” section of the day. Full-Infrastructure
  • Reviewing automation techniques for deploying the App-V client.

Day 2 – Sequencing Applications


  • Getting started with the sequencing process, understanding the phases involved and best practices.
  • Sequence simple applications to understand sequencing. day2
  • Deep review about company’s application: Environment, requirements, restrictions, integration with the OS and other applications, common use cases, etc.
  • Start with the sequencing process of the company’s application.
  • Publishing and deploying App-V packages to client machines.

Day 3 – Advanced Options in Sequencing


  • Deeper look in the sequencing process. Handling Feature Block 1, security descriptors to protect some files within the App-V package. day3
  • Troubleshooting applications sequencing and deployment process. Understanding log files and common errors.
  • Reviewing Dynamic Suite Composition. Even though company’s application does not require any other package, the concept of interconnecting virtual apps is still important.
  • Handling Active Upgrade. Reviewing different type of modifications in an existing package: Editing or upgrading.

Day 4 – Deployment Methods


  • Reviewing how to size and selecting the environment for a desired App-V implementation. day4
  • Understanding the RTSP/S and HTTP/S streaming. How to fit each in the desired scenario.
  • Since the application usage required the scenario with users connecting from different geographic places to a same server, we’ve reviewed necessary steps for publishing App-V to External networks outside the organization.
  • Step-by-step processes for implementing HTTP/S streaming.
  • A complete Hands-On for App-V Standalone scenario.

Day 5 – App-V and RDS | Securing the Environment


  • Understanding the Remote Desktop Services, RDS, role in Windows Server 2008 R2 (formerly known as Terminal Services). day5
  • Reviewing RemoteApp. Similarities and differences with App-V; pros and cons; and understanding when RemoteApp is best suited.
  • Hands-on using company’s application with RemoteApp.
  • How to integrate App-V into an existing Remote Desktop Services scenario.
  • Reviewing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) scenarios, integration with App-V and the shared cache feature.

The Result

The result of the course / workshop was great, the attendees had the chance to understand and implement App-V in their scenario and I could interact with an interesting requirement and deployment.

[geekyComment] Not only I enjoyed preparing and coaching this App-V workshop [/geekyComment] thanks to the great hospitality I also had the chance to visit New York City and a bunch of touristic places.

Just hangin’ in Times Square :)timesquare

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