More Free eBooks: Windows Server 2008 Server Core and SQL Server 2005 Integration Services

Two more new and completely free eBooks from MS Press are available for download:

Windows Server 2008 Server Core Administrator’s Pocket Consultant

On this book you’ll find:

  • Introduction to Server Core
  • Deploying Server Core
  • Initial Configurations
  • Installing Roles and Features
  • Local and Remote Management
  • Detailed description of all roles available:
    • Active Directory and DNS
    • Hyper-V
    • DHCP
    • File and Print Services
    • Web Server
    • Others
  • Maintaining Server Core

Did you give Windows Server Core a chance already? On the obvious security reasons that you can find to install it; you’ll see other benefits like having a small footprint operating system, licensing price, great performance to take advantage all the features on the mentioned roles, including Hyper-V clustering.

You can start on this book to get a nice introduction and to know all the possibilities with Server Core.

And again, on the devs side (but it is also quite useful for IT guys) you’ll find a SQL Server 2005 book:

SQL Server 2005 Integration Services Step-by-Step

For another free eBook (“Virtualization Solutions”) still available, click here.




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