Free eBook "Virtualization Solutions" Desktop to Datacenters

Taking your first steps in the virtualization world and you don’t really know where are you standing? Getting to know what virtualization products are available? Want to understand about VDI (Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) or App-V (former known as SoftGrid)? Confused about virtualization licensing?

Well this is for sure a must reading book for you. And the best thing, it’s here for free! You can get the PDF (~14mb) at this link (link updated):

Virtualization Solutions from the Desktop to the Datacenter

Chapter 1: Microsoft’s Virtualization Solution
Introduction to the virtualization world, benefits and how to implement it.

Chapter 2: Server Virtualization – Hyper-V
Start to know about the hyper visor released by Microsoft from Windows Server 2008 platform. How it works, benefits and different scenarios.

Chapter 3: Managing Virtualization – VMM 2008
The latest centralized platform from System Center, Virtual Machine Manager 2008. Where you can manage different type of servers: Virtual Server, VMWare and Hyper-V.

Chapter 4: Application Virtualization – App-V
How App-V works (former known as SoftGrid) and how it can be delivered to users.

Chapter 5: Presentation Virtualization – Terminal Services
How Terminal Services complements the different virtualization solutions and their benefits.

Chapter 6: Desktop Virtualization – MED-V and VDI
Explaining Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) and Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Chapter 7: User State Virtualization
Complementing Romaing Profiles, Folder Redirection, Offline Files, Group Policies with virtualization and how to implement it on an organization.

Chapter 8: Building a Virtualization Infrastructure
Getting to know Microsoft Virtualtion Solutions Accelerators, Microsoft System Center and Virtualization Licensing.

Enjoy it!



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