Code Camp 08: Now back to Buenos Aires

Another Microsoft’s Academic event and this time the UAI (Universidad Abierta Interamericana) received the Code Camp. Hundreds of students and professionals attended to this event organized by Microsoft Universidades that introduced over 40 conferences along the day, on which I had the pleasure to present a renewed version of Windows 2008 + II7.

On this occasion, besides working IIS with PHP, I showed a simple way using a working Linux + Apache server, making this an iSCSI server that can provide storage to remote machines, that they see this remote storage as local attached hard drives. And of course, all the benefits of serving this sites on IIS7 with Failed Request Tracing, Reporting, etc.

NAS solution using iSCSI (graphic from

Taking a side all the geeky stuff, it was really fun working on this event with Southworks and other friends that also participated as speakers or organizers. The other southies that presented here: Alberto Ortega, Matias Woloski, Johnny Halife, Pablo “Lito” Damiani, Ezequiel Jadib, Martin Salias, Angel “Java” Lopez, Paulo Arancibia, Federico Boerr and, now a former southie, Miguel Saez; also good and old tech partners like Alejandro Ponicke and his crew participated. And talking about my home town, GENTI and .NetSgo (academic cells also) came all the way from Santiago del Estero to participate.

Some of the southworks crew at the event stand

Introducing the company to a few people also

SDE’s cells

With Miguel Saez

And continuing with the academic events, I’ll also visiting Mendoza for another Cells on Camp event on November.

We’ll see each other then!


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