GFI WebMonitor 2009: Review and Common Configurations

  For those that never heard about GFI WebMonitor; it’s an ISA Server (2004 or 2006) “add-on” that helps you monitor in real time the network traffic inside your organization, it also complements with ISA Server giving you the chance to directly configure white/black lists, set some access rules to the internet and scan all the traffic for virus and malware. In this post I’ll try to review the functionality, pros and cons, as well as the process of installing and configuring. GFI WebMonitor 2009 Requirements I’m evaluating the GFI UnifiedProtection Edition (that combines WebFilter and WebSecurity) in one package. Hardware Processor: 1.8ghz Memory: 2GB RAM Hard Disk: 10/15 GB free Operating System and Software Windows Server 2000 SP4 / Windows Server 2003 ISA Server 2004 SP3 / ISA Server 2006 Internet Explorer 6 or later .Net Framework 2.0   GFI WebMonitor Installation You can download the trial version for GFI WebMonitor from this link. The installation process it’s simple, you shouldn’t have any problem with this. Access Permissions. Here you can set from which of the IP address the GFI web configuration will be accessible. Take note that you can specify the users that can access it. Mail Settings. Configure it to receive mail notifications about when, for example, a user is trying to infringe a configured policy in WebMonitor. Testing mail notifications. Once the installation is complete, two new access rules are configured in your ISA Server Firewall […]

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