Creating a failover environment on a Windows 2003 domain

Scenario: I have the domain with only one DC (with DNS) and I wish to add another one in case something goes wrong. – The first thing that you must have is, of course, the new server where you are going to install your second DC. It’s highly recommended that both servers are working with the latest updates, Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2. And the domain is raised into “Windows 2003” functional level (on this level there are some improvements in many things, including the replications between 2003 servers). – Run the Administration Tool “Manage Your Server” in the new Windows 2003 and add the role “Active Directory” for this server. Domain controller promotion wizard – Configure the server as a DC for an existing domain and follow the instructions in the wizard. You’ll be asked for the credentials of privileged account to add a new server. The account must be a member of the “Domain Admins” group. – After the promotion of the new DC is completed, visit again “Manage your Server” and add the role “DNS Server”, but don’t set any new zone on this server. When you configure it as a DNS server the primary server will replicate the zones with this new server. – Each DC must be pointing to themselves as the first preferred DNS server and the secondary DNS must be the remaining DC. First DC TCP/IP configuration Second DC TCP/IP configuration – […]

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