Troubleshooting DCDIAG error: RPC Server is unavailable

It’s a common best practice to run the DCDIAG tool in all DC in your forest whenever a significant change has been made, i.e. a new DC has been added or deleted in the forest. With this you are testing if the change you just made was done correctly. It’s also common that if you have at least two domains in your forest (and the trust relationships in place), when you run dcdiag in any DC you get a message indicating that when the test of replication on a specific server applies, it fails indicating that the “RPC Server is unavailable”. Well, if you see this message you probably check if that the RPC service is up and running on the server… running in cmd “net start rpcss”. But the command prompt answers you, “don’t worry dude, the service was already running”. “Alright then…” you say, “Let’s try DCDIAG again”… and you get the same error like the first time… And then you go like “Hmmmm… why do I keep getting the same “RPC Server is unavailable” error?” And then I say “I know why dude!”… And then you “You do? Is there any way I can solve it?”…“Of course, why I’ll be posting something that I don’t know the answer!”… and then… OK, enough with the theatre… This issue appears when the configurations between the different DNS servers are not compatible. It’s something like this: you have a correct […]

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